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[Kickstarter] Predators Occulte Fantasy Football Team
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[Kickstarter] Predators Occulte Fantasy Football Team Desconectado gamesminiatures
Marinero (6 mensajes) . 12 Feb 2018, 15:42

Occulte predator is a new team for the famous game of miniatures fantasy football.

This team is entirely composed of seductive elf dark, but do not underestimate the fair sex, because in the field will give you a hard time!

this and much more in the kickstarter launched by night miniatures, and obviously carved from the studio crosslances!

Night Miniatures ( page on facebook )

This kickstarter will allow you to have a whole team available at a very affordable launch price and to make it even more special shipments will be free all over the world !!!!

come and find out more!


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Re:[Kickstarter] Predators Occulte Fantasy Football Team Desconectado KeyanSark
Almirante (12870 mensajes) #1. 12 Feb 2018, 16:06

Hi, mate

Rules of this forum ask for people to introduce themselves before posting, and specially more if you just seem to drop by to advertise your stuff. I wont be deleting this post but I will be blocking it. If you intend to participate here (which, BTW, is a spanish language forum), please introduce yourself in the appropriate section.


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