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armies for Madrid Eurocup
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armies for Madrid Eurocup Desconectado dadiepiombo
Cabo (113 mensajes) . 20 Abr 2010, 09:54

I realize that many players don't follow the 1 day tournament rules in making their lists.
The most important thing on the 1 day tournament rules is that 400pts armies cannot be on a single Command and that the biggest Command cannot exceed 60% in VDs.
This is to make armies more fragile, as once you have lost a Command you are very close to the rout (or you are routed if you have lost the biggest Command, or the smallest and 1 or 2 units from other command(s)).

This rule has been created for tournaments where there is the need to finish most games within h1.45. Of course it can be used also outside tournaments if you want to keep the game fast (in "friendly games" in Italy we use this rule, though we don't care about time limit).

I recommend that for Madrid Eurocup (I was told that we are 42 so far!!!) all players follow this restriction.

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