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Impetus Baroque
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Re:Impetus Baroque Desconectado Caballero Andante
Alférez (1379 mensajes) #15. 26 Abr 2016, 20:27

Aquí se incluye una pequeña reseña que cita algunas novedades como las prostitutas por las que me preguntabas, Jorge. ;)

I've managed a skim read - hope to get a game in this Thursday.

I can confirm they're a stand alone set, very nicely produced, soft back spiral bound in full colour. The Italian-English language is somewhat improved over Impetus but still has the odd paragraph/sentence that makes the eyebrows rise until you turn it around and change the tense  Cool

The basing scheme as recommended is different from Impetus, but has a built in flexibility, including breaking the big bases down into 3 smaller ones. The main thing being that the Measurement Unit has changed from being 1cm to being half a unit-base width, so whatever width bases you use, it's easy to rescale the game. That said as the rules are 1550 to 1700 there is less overlap with Impetus than one might think - too used to WRG rules splitting at 1485 I guess, all the early pike stuff and Italian Wars is in Impetus not Baroque. No idea off the cuff what that means for oriental/Asian armies though, I suspect much more overlap as a sipahi is a sipahi. . .

Rules wise there are some significant changes, for instance units are Fresh until VBU is reduced to half and Exhausted if less than half  Undecided

Reaction status has kind of replaced opportunity which essentially means any unit may react during the opponents turn but only once. So you record units that have reacted rather than test to go on opportunity. Subtle shift can't say how that changes the game without playing - obviously it makes reactions more likely though. Only specific reactions are available vs specified actions and exhausted units can't react.

Movement is pretty similar - except we now have Fast and Slow versions of troop types in the mix.

Charges have incorporated much of the advanced impetus terminology including potential charges et al

Firing is also familiar but there are far fewer missile types - musket, arquebus, bow, horse pistol/carbine plus 5 grades of artillery. Ranges and values change but the method is the same - opportunity fire remains and defensive fire is introduced along with reiter caracole - essentially shooting is better defined than in Impetus which is good as more units will be shooting  Undecided

Melee and the cohesion test look very familiar but re-edited and cleaned up a bit. The proof will be in the playing.

There are several "Special Unit Characteristics" available, such as "Iron Officers"; "Master Gunner"; "Recruits"; "Agitators & Preachers" and "Prostitutes" to name a few - make of that list what you will.

There are also special rules for regimental guns, lances, cuirass, salvo and caracole, etc.

There are 7 basic sample army lists included, more beta lists on the website and "official lists" are promised in a future supplement (the back cover says "special supplements"):
TYW German Catholic 1618-1632
TYW Swedish 1630-1634
ECW Royalist 1642-1643
ECW Parliamentarian 1642-1644
Ottoman Turk 1645-1700
Later Imperialist 1649-1700
Later Polish 1632-1700

And 4 pages of QRS 2 covering setup and terrain, 2 covering game mechanics.

Hope that's useful, much is the same, much is subtly different, all looks good, can't wait to get the figures out.

Éste es el enlace:

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Re:Impetus Baroque Desconectado Von Mercy
Marinero (11 mensajes) #16. 27 May 2016, 18:08

 Lorenzo ha anunciado hoy en el grupo oficial de Baroque en Facebook, la versión en español para antes de final de año.

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Re:Impetus Baroque Desconectado Anquises
Alférez (1196 mensajes) #17. 27 May 2016, 18:56

Gran gran notícia.

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Re:Impetus Baroque Desconectado oxigen
Cabo (115 mensajes) #18. 04 Jun 2016, 14:04

¡Ay, Impetus! En mi club no lo juegan... de momento. Uno tiene esperanza, a mí me gusta por su sencillez y para esta época seguro que también han hecho un buen trabajo.

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Re:Impetus Baroque Desconectado Alejandro Farnesio
Marinero (17 mensajes) #19. 03 Ene 2017, 17:22

Lorenzo ha anunciado hoy en el grupo oficial de Baroque en Facebook, la versión en español para antes de final de año.
¿Alguien sabe cuándo sale en la lengua de Cervantes?

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Re:Impetus Baroque Desconectado Slorm
Teniente (3236 mensajes) #20. 03 Ene 2017, 21:31

¿No va a publicar un Basic Baroque?

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Re:Impetus Baroque Desconectado Caballero Andante
Alférez (1379 mensajes) #21. 03 Ene 2017, 22:02

Al menos de momento, nada de Basic Baroque, no...

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Re:Impetus Baroque Desconectado chema1986
Sargento (548 mensajes) #22. 27 Jun 2017, 21:14

Noticias del Baroque en español?? Quisiera darle una oportunidad y probar su baseado en 28mm

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Re:Impetus Baroque Desconectado Von Mercy
Marinero (11 mensajes) #23. 04 Jul 2017, 21:18

Bueno, es una opinión. Creo que Lorenzo no está por la labor, creo que de momento, de sacar la versión en castellano. Si hubiera querido creo que ya la hubiera sacado.

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Re:Impetus Baroque Desconectado Ainvar2000
Sargento (718 mensajes) #24. 04 Jul 2017, 22:22

Pues yo le mandé un correo hace tiempo y me dijo que si estaba prevista una versión en castellano.

Enviado desde mi LG-D855 mediante Tapatalk

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Re:Impetus Baroque Desconectado Von Mercy
Marinero (11 mensajes) #25. 05 Jul 2017, 00:13

Tu lo has dicho Ainvar 2000, "hace tiempo". Insisto si quisiera ya la habría hecho.

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Re:Impetus Baroque Desconectado chema1986
Sargento (548 mensajes) #26. 05 Jul 2017, 09:57

Hace dos días hable con él por facebook,  preguntándole que iba a pasar y tal... me recomendó que de momento pillase la versión inglesa, y eso he hecho. Esta con la versión en castellano, pero la traducción por lo visto no era totalmente satisfactoria y tienen que seguir trabajando en ello.  Al menos eso vino a decirme.


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