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25. Conquista Arabe. 622 d.C. - 660 d.C. (en construcción)
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25. Conquista Arabe. 622 d.C. - 660 d.C. (en construcción) Desconectado juanbususto
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I/1a. Nombre del ejército.

I/2. Nombre del ejército.
I/3bc. Nombre del ejército.

I/1a. Nombre del ejército.

Lista de ejército:

This covers the wars of the Prophet and his immediate successors, the khalifs Abu Bakr, Umar, Othman and Ali, from the "hijra" or flight of
the Prophet to Medina until the establishment of the Umayyad Kilalifate by Mu'awiya. All troops except Asawira and Dailami count as
bedouin, whether nomad or not. Even rich city Arabs had their children fostered by nomads and the poor often worked as caravaneers.
Infantry are described in contemporary accounts as swordsmen, often mailed, and usually as resisting stubbornly rather than charging
wildly; but with individuals, often commanders, throwing themselves into the enemy seeking martyrdom. Irr Wb (S) seems to fit this best.
There is no evidence at this time for bodies of infantry who could plausibly be classed as Sp. Archers were grouped on one occasion to
protect an exposed flank against enemy cavalry, which worked until the archers left to loot after part of the enemy fled. Yemeni javelinmen
and cavalry were favoured caravan guards and featured in several early battles. Citizen cavalry are the richer inhabitants of Arab trading
cities or oases, on horses, in mail and armed with long spears used in a fencing style, seeking individual combat rather than delivering a
cohesive charge. The minimum marked * applies only if any nomads or camels are used. A nomad ally-general can only command nomads.
All nomad infantry must be camel-mounted. Until the capture of herds at the battle of Hunain in 630, settled Muslims had insufficient
camels to entirely mount a body of foot, men instead taking turns to ride and the body moving at foot pace. Afterwards, all foot were often
mounted on camels. They are not treated as Cm (O) as they left camels to the rear instead of keeping them close for remounting. The
standard formation until 638 was an infantry centre and two infantry wings, with any cavalry grouped into an extra command used for
outfianking or as a reserve. After 638 a large quantity of captured horses and armour was available and initially about half of the new
permanent "Jund" forces became cavalry. Jund were settled in large permanent military encampments in conquered territory intended to
insulate the Arab fighting men from less warlike natives and prevent them being absorbed and diluted. However, multiple native wives
producing children had somewhat the same effect as well as greatly increasing Jund numbers in the period following. Little use was yet
made of non-Arab troops. Small numbers of Sassanid asavaran changed sides from 622 on, and some of the nobility retained their positions
on the final fall of the Sassanid empire. Known by the Arabs as "Asawira", they were taken on with alacrity and paid the very highest rates.
The large Dailami bodyguard of the former Sassanid governor of Iraq also came over as a body. The break-away Armenian state of
Theodore Rshtuni was forced to agree in 653 to supply 15,000 allied horsemen, though only in Armenia. Since these would outnumber any
likely Arab contingent, it seems better to treat a combined force as a Rshtuni Armenian army with Arab allies. Moreover, the Arabs replaced
Rshtuni next year with a new prince who promptly allied with the Byzantines. The disguised camelry are variously described as disguised as
elephants and as disguised in draperies and hidden among horses. Considering relative heights, the former is more plausible. Special antielephant
parties on foot but armed with long cavalry lances were used against Sassanid elephants. Classed as Ax (X) these have the right
near-suicidal capability. Ps (O) archers can support Ax (X). A large fleet was improvised after the conquest of Egypt with Egyptian sailors
but Arab fighting men. This several times defeated Byzantine squadrons. Islam greatly increased Arab fighting effectiveness by improving
their cohesion. Instead of, as formerly, disappearing as soon as things started going wrong, they now maintained combats fiercely until
things started going right. To quote an Arab general in 635, "In the days of the Ignorance, 100 Persians could put to flight 1,000 Arabs, but
now, God be praised, 100 Arabs can put to flight 1,000 Persians." If the Prophet comrnands, he must be represented by his black tent with
small white liya and large black raya banners outside, and not by a figure. However, although based as if a baggage element, this fights as if
Bw (X), since the Prophet is described as using a bow while sharing a shield. Other C-in-Cs, who except in civil war were secular
appointees not the khalif, typically charged at the head of their army, often bearing the army banner, which was the symbol of their

Fuente: DBM Army List Book 3.

* Participante en el proyecto de la Enciclopedia DBA

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