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Wargames futuristas / Re:Necromunda, noticias y rumores
« Último por lafirma Ayer a las 08:19 »
Breve reseña del contenido del Gang War IV

General content
cawdor rules
6 new scenarios
rules for Bionics
domination campaign system
revised skirmish rules
more hired guns and characters

worth noting that gang war 4 is the same page count at book 3 for those wondering how big it is.
Domination Campaign system
this is the main part of book 4.
basically the campaign is divided into three stages
stage one

you collectively start with X amount of netural special territories. (all territores are special in Domination). players take turns ‘claiming’ territories. literally by saying ‘that ones mine’. another player can challenge for that particular territory at that moment. these two players then play a game against each other, winner claiming the territory. This continues for a fixed amount of ‘rounds’ or until all the territories are claimed.
stage two
this is downtime, same as at the end of a turf war. juves become champions, captives returned etc. all gangs are given an amount of credits by their houses, which MUST be spent.
stage three
this is the main part. the board is now fully claimed and the gangs well stocked and rested. each gang takes turns attacking another gang’s particular territory that it wants. the defending player can than defend by playing a game, or surrender the territory without a game if they’ve got lots of gangers on recovery or don’t want to risk injury for a low value territory. Worth noting that gangs start the campaign with a ‘home territory’ which functions as their base, this one can’t be claimed nor lost.
All territories have special rules that boost the gangs, some like existing ones give credits or access to better trading post items. certain territories are better for certain gangs due to their focus. these cards give improved or additional bonuses to a particular gang (each house gang has three different territories like this). for example ‘Toll crossing’ allows the controlling gang to earn D6x5 Credits each time they collect their income. However if an Orlock gang controls it, the orlock gang gets priority on turn one automatically. Other gangs can pay a fee for the crossing, which gives that gang the priority bonus for a single game.

when the campaign ends, there is not (normally) a single winner, the campaign has five awards for particular things (most territories, most rep, most credits still in the bank .etc)
also the rules for continuing gangs through to future campaigns has a new version making it less OP for the previous winner, and allowing players to keep more of their cool stuff.

Domination is expected to play out as the most common campaign system (over turf war) due to the speed and amount you gain credits allowing gangs to access the big toys and cool interesting stuff quickly. Its also been designed to be partially modular from the designers standpoint, allowing them to add to it or replace things later (different territory packs for ash wastes and/or hive secondus for example.) 
Skirmish rules update
rules for skirmish games have be revised and expanded giving players access to more of the cool stuff from campaigns, rather than essentially just playing with large starting gangs. This will be used for the default option for short campaigns, tournaments, and events in the future.
Cawdor rules
nothing shocking. but writing it for completeness. Cawdor rules set will include the items for their FW resin upgrade kits from the start, same as van saars did.  should have their pet option (bomb rats) in there as well, as models for them were shown at the weekender back in February.
new scenarios
6 new scenarios in the book, only got told about one
‘killer cyborg’ features two gangs fighting it out to the death, when a fighter goes down, you roll to see if its the killer cyborg. if it is, the mini is replaced, and the cyborg then rolls for its ‘mission’ which ranges from just killing everyone, to killing just leaders, or just gangers etc. its then controlled by the arbitrator or based on a set of standard behaviors. the cyborg has its own wargear and is really tough (can’t go out of action, from seriously injured .etc)
note on the ‘gang leaders accessories pack’
this is the accessory pack with extra tokens including some new “asked for” tokens like standard wound markers, gas/smoke tokens, blinded tokens and more. It also includes a pad of blank gang rosters, a four page reference sheet that includes all the basic rules and ‘advanced’ rules all in logical order. also has most of the various tables you’ll need for standard play, and a list of all normal ‘actions’ in one place. It’s been written post faqs and erratas so is nice and up to date. you also get a set of 12 scenario cards with the 6 zone mortalis missions from the main rulebook, and the 6 sector mechancius missions from gang war 1 (considered the core 12). The ZM missions have been updated to include campaign rewards, and certain issues have been changed (lower rating gangs gaining shit tons of Rep even when they lose just for fighting a higher rep gang is completely gone, you’ve got to earn your rep now)

Sacado del FB de Garro.
Taller / Re:[Taller] LaFirma destroza miniaturas
« Último por lafirma Ayer a las 08:06 »
Hace unos días cayó en mis manos una caja de Necromunda y he empezado con los Goliath, de momento uno para probar el esquema que tenía pensado en naranjas.

No creo, actualmente a 750 puntos ya juegas con ese número de miniaturas. Lo que si parece es que van a cambiar la forma de organizar ejércitos (no se ven partidas de guerra de 12 miniaturas con un héroe de lider de partida).
Ese Golem está brutal, la figura es espectacular y la has pintado la mejor.
Chulísimas estas tres últimas bestias.
Taller / Re:El taller de raivan ( britanos saga p.106)
« Último por guarmar Ayer a las 00:07 »
Me gusta todo muchísimo, pero el robot para Rogue Stars me ha tocado la fibra, que chulada.
Bueno, estos últimos no han triunfado mucho, intentaré de nuevo lo de los animalillos, aunque en esta ocasión sólo me quedan animalacos.

Un oso poco "amoroso"

Comparación de tamaño. No es pequeñito.

Otro majestuoso animal, el gorila de las nieves

Corre pequeño Timmy, ese gorila no es vegetariano!

Una trampa, este no es animal del todo, tiene un poco de hombre.

Lo malo es que no hace falta luna llena para encontrarse con este "amigo".

Es para estar contento sí señor, el efecto del barro de los bajos del tanque te ha quedado estupendo.
Taller / Re:guerra civil española en 20mm
« Último por guarmar 15 Jul 2018, 23:56 »
Que caña la legión, y con la cabra y todo, ¡que detallazo!
Taller / Re:Galería de Caetratus
« Último por guarmar 15 Jul 2018, 23:52 »
Alucinante, que de material y cuantas fotitos.
Taller / Re:guerra civil española en 20mm
« Último por Alcotan 15 Jul 2018, 23:38 »
Las minis han quedado muy chulas, pero la cabra es un puntazo   :cc
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