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[Rumorez] Orkoz
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[Rumorez] Orkoz Desconectado Gonfrask
Almirante (9100 mensajes) . 28 Ago 2018, 23:52

Estoy con el movil asi que no puedo traducirlos en condiciones, pero se oyen estas cosas por internet

* Nuevas Minis
No Warboss / Mek / Painboy on bike in the Codex

- "Megatrakk Skrap-jet" - Confirmed to be a character-toting trike, the one shown in the background of the Buggy video

- "Squig Buggy" (possibly the "Rockettrukk Squig Buggy") is mentioned as another vehicle we haven't seen (thanks to Triszin and PiñaColada for correcting this)

- Mek Shop fortification, gives nearby shooting units with a random number of shots the maximum number of shots

- "Dakka Dakka" Rule - Rolls of 6 in the shooting phase generate extra shots

* Klanes

Clan Rules (pretty much repeats what Valrak's already reported):
Goffs - Rolls of 6 to hit in close combat generate further attacks
Bad Moons - Re-roll 1's to hit
Evil Sunz - +1 to Movement, as well as +1 to Advances and Charges
Deathskulls - 6+ invulnerable save, units may also re-roll one to-hit, to-wound and damage roll for shooting
Blood Axes - May Advance and Charge after Falling Back, also count as in Cover while in the open
Snakebites - 6+ rolls to ignore wounds, like Disgustingly Resilient
Freebooters - Get +1 to hit if another nearby friendly model destroys an enemy (thanks to Sawtooth for pointing out the original absence of this in the post)

* Estratagemas

Teleport - Lets the Ork player keep 20PL of models off the board, teleport in within 9" of the enemy on Turn 1 - no mention of how this works with the new Deep Strike restrictions in the Big FAQ
Green Tide - Take an understrength Boyz unit, set them up, full-strength, within 6" of a board edge and 9" from an enemy unit
Grot Shield - When an Ork unit near a unit of Grots is hit in the shooting phase, roll a 2+, Grots take the shot instead
Ramming Speed - Vehicle charges 3d6", does mortal wounds when it successfully charges - combine this with some of the new Buggies (or a Gorkanaut), and hoo boy
Looted - Ork infantry unit gains +1 to armor save when a vehicle is destroyed near them
Long, Uncontrolled Bursts - Add +1 to hit for a flying unit that shoot at other flyers
Get Stuck In - Ork unit may pile in and fight again

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