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14. Bulgaros Tempranos. 559 d.C. -1018 d.C. (en construcción)

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The Bulgars originated as a combination of Utigur and Kutrigur Hunnic remnants with the Sabir and Onogur They were conquered by the
Avars in 558, but cast off Avar rule in 631 in the aftenmath of the failed Avar siege of Constantinople of 626, and formed a new united
khanate '~Great Bulgaria" around the sea of Azov. Afler defeat by the Khazars circa 675, some fed up the River Volga and formed a Volga
Bulgar" state, covered separately. Most fled to the Danube basin, drove the Avars westward and founded an empire that rivaled the
Byzantines until conquered by these in 1018 This relied heavily on Slav subject infantry. A Bulgar Empire army has the great charms of
having red, blue and white vertically striped trousers for its better dressed cavalry, and that it can be led by King Krum.

Fuente: DBM Army List Book 3.