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27. Armenios Rshtuni. 639 d.C. - 717 d.C. (en construcción)

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Lista de ejército:

This list covers the independent Armenian state founded by Theodore Rshtuni from its inception after the Byzantine defeat at the Yarmuk
until its final conquest by the Arabs. Throughout its life it was a no-man's land fought over by Byzantines and Arabs, and was usually
nominally allied to the latter while playing off each neighbour against the other. The nucleus of its original army was Byzantine-trained
cavalrymen, but the turbulent nature of their class prevents many of these now being considered regular. From the numbers promised to the
Arabs on one occasion, they must have been supplemented by irregular cavalry raised from the villages as well as by the usual well-armed
mountain peasants. In such exciting times, it is unlikely that any peasants were sufficiently un-warlike to be classed as Hd. The minima
marked * apply only if any foot are used.

Fuente: DBM Army List Book 3.